Ramos: Messi don’t need to prove in another league


Messi is leaving Barcelona that was a top talk last week what supposed also to make him away to another league. There was a rumour to take Messi to Juventus or Man City that will detach him from La Liga.

Recently this season’s almost La liga winning captain Sergio Ramos has expressed his thoughts over this topic.

Sergio Ramos: “I don’t understand why people want Messi to go and prove himself in another league. I have also played in one league for a long time at one club.

If these people want me to go play somewhere else, they have to find me a better league than La Liga, because Real Madrid and Barcelona have won 6 of the last 10 Champions Leagues.

Even the Europa League is won by Spanish clubs like Sevilla, who have won it three times in a row. I think that players should come to La Liga to prove themselves. It is not for us to leave, we are the A side.”

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