Messi’s greatness of 17 years

The name of an Argentine came to the fore when a poem made by Satyajit Ray or a poem floating in the pen of a world poet was reflected in football. Messi has made the impossible possible, the legendary Messi has become a legend, a big part of the 18-year-old partner Barca.

Has the football world ever seen such a kingdom that Lionel Messi has taken club football with Cristiano Ronaldo. Did Barca know on the first day that the young Messi was brought to the field by the club that today is going to be the beginning of the best fairy tale in the history of Bara. He has been fascinating the football world for more than 15 years by making the fictional story of the fairy tale true. Today, the number of people who find something different between Barca and Messi is much less.

Lionel Messi made his debut against Barca against FC Porto 17 years ago today. This time Lionel Messi has won 10 of La Liga, the biggest events in Spanish domestic football. The owner of 6 Copa del Rey is an Argentine magician.

Like the Octa core processor, he has won the Spanish Super Cup eight times. He has won the UEFA Super Cup three times. FIFA Club has won the FIFA Club Cup 3 times in the fight for excellence. He has won the UEFA Champions League 4 times. He has won the Catalan title 34 times in his 18-year career. Messi has played in 741 matches for the club, scoring 640 goals. This footballer, one of the best footballers of all time, has made 26 assists at this time.

Lionel Messi played for Barca’s main team on 16 November 2003. Lionel Messi played against friendly club Porto that day. The next story is history, Lionel Messi made one fairy tale after another as a Barca player.

Decades later, Lionel Andres Messi was a legend in a civilization that may be destroyed, but it will float on a nameplate. The circumference of the football and the touch of Messi’s boot meet the geometric angle.

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