Why Rauf apologizes to Afridi?

Young pacer Haris Rauf smiles and apologizes to Afridi. Viral Rauf’s smiling face in the net world. Many have again sought reasons to apologize in this way.

The incident happened yesterday (Sunday) in the second qualifier of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The Lahore Calendars secured the final by defeating Multan Sultans by 25 runs. Afridi has done great with the ball in this match. He took 2 wickets with only 16 in 4 overs. However, the bat returned to the hand before opening the run book.

Afridi could not handle Haris Rauf’s great yorker as soon as he got on the wicket. Afridi will return to the wicket in a way that Haris himself could not have guessed. So, Haris apologized to Afridi for bowling Afridi, but he was happy at first.

Haris Rauf himself did not comment on the matter, but sports pundits and cricket analysts see it as an expression of the Pakistani pacer’s respect and love for the living legend.

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