Big bash league made 3 brand new rules

As a league, Australia’s Big Bash has a good reputation in the world of cricket. They always bring new technologies and rules to the shelves. Big Bash League 2020 is no different. In this year’s Big Bash, the authorities have brought 3 new rules called ‘Power Surge’, ‘X-Factor’ and ‘Bash Boost’.

Cricket Australia (CA) confirmed the three new rules in a statement on Monday. The Big Bash introduced the rules to make traditional T20 cricket more attractive. If the rules are effective, the tension will increase.

The rules were introduced by Trent Woodhill, a cricket analyst. For a long time, Woodhill has a reputation for introducing various rules in franchise cricket, starting from international cricket. This time, the rules are getting a huge response before being used on the field, said Woodhill. Let’s learn more about the rules.

Power Surge: Usually in T20 cricket the power play is the first 6 overs. This time it has been changed to 4 overs. And 2 overs power play batting team can take as desired after 10 overs of the innings. These two overs have been named ‘Power Surge’. The rule of power play will apply to these two overs of Power Surge. Even in power surge like in the first 4 overs, no more than 2 fielders can be kept out of the circle.

X Factor: Super Sab was in vogue before international cricket. The current one has been turned off. Bigbash has brought back that super subk with the X Factor name.

At the end of the first 10 overs, the teams will be able to take substitutes from the twelfth and thirteenth cricketers. If a cricketer gets injured, a super sub-cricketer will come on the field instead. However, only after 10 overs can be taken super sub cricketer. If you do not finish 10 overs, you will not be able to bat or bowl even if you come on the super sub field.

Bash Boost: 3 points instead of 3 points in match winning. However, there is a chance to win a full 4 points. Any team can get 1 point even after losing the match. Points will be determined after 10 overs of the second innings. After the first 10 overs of the two teams, the team that has more runs at the end, they will get that extra one point. This rule has been named Bash Boost.

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