Tim Paine In Self-Isolation Following COVID-19 Cluster In Adelaide

Cricket Australia is hosting a series against India amid the Corona pendemic, but they are not making any concessions in compliance with the Corona restrictions. The series is being organized in compliance with the hygiene rules of the government and the states, which hygiene rules are to be followed by the Indian cricket team as well as Australian cricketers.

Australia’s Test captain Tim Payne has arrived in Adelaide a month after Australia’s four-match Test series against India began a month late. Austrelia will face India in the first Test. However, he could not join the team directly, so he started practicing voluntarily according to the state government’s health rules.

According to the state government’s Corona Hygiene Rules, the increased corona risk in South Australia requires everyone returning from there to go for voluntary isolation. Australia’s Test captain Tim Payne has gone to isolation following the hygiene rules, where he will take the corona test today. After that, if the result is negative, Payne will be allowed to practice.

Australia and India will meet in the first of a four-match Test series on December 16. The two teams will play an ODI and a T20 series before taking to the field in this day-night match. Tim Payne doesn’t have to worry about isolation because he’s not in the team for that series.

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