Last year Bangladesh cricket faced deep anxiety

While the press conference was going on at the hotel, Shakib Bhai suddenly disappeared through the back door. No matter where he is! After a while he came and smiled and said, “I didn’t run away, I went to the washroom.”

At that time, that smile seemed to be giving a little relief.

On this day last year, Bangladesh cricket went through a day of unrest and anxiety. Two days ago, the cricketers made a sudden movement and demanded 11 points. The next day, Nazmul Hasan Papon made a statement at the press conference with a hint of conspiracy. The next day, on this day in the morning of last year, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called the BCB president. The BCB president then said he was ready to accept all the demands. Waiting for the cricketers to return. At 12 noon, BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury Sujan said, “We are ready to discuss with the cricketers. Discussions can take place anywhere they want. The discussion may take place around 5 pm.

The next story is like the intermission of the whole movie, the story is there

Suddenly news came in the afternoon that the cricketers were gathering at a hotel in Gulshan. They will not come to BCB Sher-e-Bangla of Mirpur, then unsettled by rumors that the demands could be even bigger. The cricketers’ meeting started in the evening. Have so many cricketers ever met together before !! The Indian media on the day asked whether Hobby’s visit to India would be omitted.

A law assistant named Mostafizur Rahman suddenly appeared at the meeting to guide the cricketers He started explaining all the demands in front of the media Mustafizur Rahman Khan said the demands have been sent to the BCB in writing. After discussing with themselves, the cricketers decided to go to BCB. At 9.30 pm, the agitating cricketers sat down to discuss with the board to resolve the crisis.

Shakib’s lawyer Mustafizur said, “Cricketers want safety in their lives. They became cricketers by accepting many sacrifices. They have to focus on cricket for a while outside of their academic careers. There are many talented people here who could have become BCS cadres or senior officers if they had studied. But they play cricket at risk. The boy who can’t play cricket anymore at the age of 16 due to injury loses everything. With this in mind, cricketers want a guaranteed life. That is their just demand.”

He said, “Bangladesh Cricket Board’s income is now the fourth highest in the world. But our players get less opportunities than Zimbabwe, West Indies.”

Women’s cricket is discussed very strongly Speaking at a press conference in Gulshan, Shakib Al Hasan said, “Since we have all agreed, the decision to sit down for discussion must be agreed upon by all.

Due to lack of time that day, we could not present our demands in that way. And that’s why we take our time to organize the matter beautifully. BCB has called us, we will contact ourselves and sit in discussion. We are not far from anyone.”

He said, “Both sides are in agreement but BCB. We have the same place of personal respect for the BCB as before. Cricketers also want to play, want to stay healthy, want to ensure the safety of the family.”

Two more points were added to the 11 points, after presenting a total of 13 points, the cricketers left for the BCB after 9 pm. After a two-hour meeting, it was decided that the BCB would accept the 9 points, the rest will be discussed later. The cricketers finally lifted the blockade.

BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon said, “I thank them. They had a number of demands. I said yesterday that the demands of the cricketers were mostly met. They will come. I have said that the BCB has nothing to do with this. And I have said about the last one that we will see.”

Then Shakib said, “Papon Brother has said that all the discussions have been fruitful. Everyone has heard the discussion. We are going to start the game based on their assurance.”

Then the camp started for the tour of India. However, Shakib did not join the camp for the India tour at the beginning. That story will be told another day.

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