European football made nightmares yesterday

Do you not want to look at one glance at football night that passed yesterday? In the blink of an eye, it will disappear into the air. Sunday night was like that for sports fans. They sighted with satisfaction, there was disbelief in their eyes!

Within hours, European club-level powers – Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona – have played their matches. Juventus and Napoli’s match had been postponed by corona virus effect and rules could be added in the big team’s list.

Let’s see what happened yesterday and the previous nights that can be seemed as nightmares.

English Premier League:                                    Spanish La Liga:

Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield United                            Real Madrid 0-2 in Levante

Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool                                  Barcelona 1-1 Sevilla

Manchester United 1-6 Tottenham Hotspur      German Bundesliga:

Italian Serie A:                                                    Bayern Munich 4-3 Hartha Berlin

Lazio 1-1 Inter Milan

AC Milan 3-0 Spezia

Juventus-Napoli (not rolled)

A big storm has passed over the TV remote. Just as blinking was a liability, it was also difficult to keep an eye on a particular match. Fans have been struggling to change the channel again and again. Tottenham Hotspur took a 2-1 lead in the first seven minutes of the English Premier League and Tottenham have a 6-1 win over United at home to Old Trafford that ran with a hint of a collapse as La Liga champions Real struggled to cope with Levante’s desperate return to parity. Robert Lewandowski then scored four goals alone to give Bayern a last-minute victory over Hartha, who took a two-goal lead against Berlin but feared losing points.

The All Reds fell behind 4-1 in the first half against Aston Villa. Although stunned, no one had the opportunity to research the performance of the Premier League champions during the break! Because Napoli did not appear in the field of Juventus then. But the time to start the game has passed. When the score line was 7-2, the last whistle blew Liverpool’s misery ended (!) But Napoli were never seen again. They were not allowed to travel outside their area without the permission of the local health authorities. But according to Siri and the rules, they have to accept the 3-0 goal rate.

Barca drew 1-1 with Sevilla at home to Nou Camp. However, had several chances to pick up full points. With this important match in La Liga, an eventful night of club football in Europe has come to an end.


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