Salahuddin refuses to take responsibilities for district leagues

Kazi Salahuddin told yesterday to fulfill his promise to held national championship but refused to take responsibilities for the individual district leagues .

“First,we want to start all the leagues on time and do not want to hear anything from any party. If we want to reach the next level, both the clubs and federation must have discipline in this regard,” Salahuddin said at his office yesterday refusing to take responsibilities if district leagues don’t place and he added to this comment ,

“The second thing is that the delegates spoke time and again about youth development and we will do it. We also want to hold three tournaments — Bangabandhu senior home-and-away, Sheikh Kamal U-18 Championship and Sheikh Russel U-12 tournament — with the participation of all districts. If we can hold these three tournaments at the district level, it will cover everything,”

“District Football Associations (DFAs) are responsible for holding district leagues but you blame us. It is not my responsibility to hold district leagues. Why don’t you ask the president of DFA about the district league? Holding the professional football league is a duty of the BFF, not FIFA. If the DFA can’t hold their respective league, then I think three national championships at the district level will cover everything,” said Kazi Salahuddin.

“We want to make a formula similar to FIFA and AFC’s. If a DFA can’t hold two successive leagues, they will not be BFF delegates. BFF man also said: “I have kept football rolling for the past 12 years when the play stopped. I am repeating it time and again because the teams will come if football is on the ground. Football will still remain on the ground with high spirit and more energy because it has turned into a habit.”

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