Bangladesh Govt allows sports with conditions

Bangladesh Govt is allowing sports after long break. Last day Sports minister Zahid Ahsan Russel called a meeting and then Sports Ministry confirmed that sports and practise can be continued if 10 conditions are maintained.

1. Before play, fields and stadiums need to be fully cleaned as no infectious kits is found. Masks, gloves, anti biotic medicine and antiseptic systems must be followed and brought. Individual One should maintain this section

2. Sports and practise can be started within limitations now

3. Players, coaches, every persons related to sports must be tested before play and practise as they are positive or not.

4. Players should maintain sound health polices having healthy foods with maintaining social distance using disposal plate. Smoking should be prohibited. Contact with family and friends will be maintained through digital communication.

5. Everyone will use personal equipments and keep their bags separate.

6. Supporter and fans can sit in the Stadium maintaining 1 meter distance and social distance at the time of incoming and outgoing of the venue

7. Every single persons entering the venue will be tested their temp with high efficient device

8. If any persons related to team likely players, trainers, coaches seems doubtly, that one will be isolated immediately.

9. Every day venue and field of play must be clean with antiseptic process.

10. All comers to stadiums will be under cautions and to be careful showing bill board for health maintain.

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