Hogg explains why more Bangladeshi players can’t play in Big Bash

Cricket Australia has declared new season’s Big Bash schedule. As a consequence, no Bangladeshi player will play there. Shakib is the only player who played in Big Bash for several teams like Adelaide , Melbourne. But now he will not be available as well since he is ending his ban time for 1 year suspension.

Brad Hogg tells to Daily Sportsbd when he was asked why Bangladeshi players can’t play in Big Bash,

“There’re some reasons behind a few Bangladesh players can play in Big Bash. Apart from Shakib others haven’t been available so far in Big Bash. But I hope, some good players are coming up, I have seen in the last BPL and before. They are playing here early with good and big players that can make them huge in experience. After 2-3 years they might be gigantic in world cricket. Another big fact is that only 2 players is permitted from overseas that makes the main hindrance to make players available as much as we see in IPL, BPL and other leagues.”

New rules have been started in cricket. Fast bowlers might struggle to get reverse swing when they have to follow this rules. Jofra Archer had to go under isolation due to his casual look to follow a rule.

“Yah! This time cricket is very much tough as well after some rules fixed. But you need to cope with everything you face. I think boys will go for it well”, Brad Hogg added.

Bangladesh cricket is looking forward start again after virus pandemic. Players have been busy in practices and BCB may start Dhaka Premier league after 1 or 2 months. Bangladesh has a possible tour in Srilanka. Then BPL may start as far BCB said. You came in Bangladesh several times in time of BPL. Will you come this time?

“Of course. Why not! But it depends you know! Cricket has started with new dress but i think it will start more later in the sub continent as well as in Bangladesh. You will have to focus everything more comparatively than before, I hope Bangladesh will overcome this situation the world facing. It’s really suffocating. But It’s really good feeling in Bangladesh, India, Srilanka -people here loves cricket very much”, Brad Hogg replied.

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